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Who are they?

Sovereign have been offering insurance in New Zealand for the past 25 years, and have offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch, Hastings and Wellington. They offer health and life insurance policies for individuals and groups, as well as providing home loan and investment services.

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What do they offer?

Sovereign has a range of insurance plans for customers to choose from.

For individuals, their life and disability plans include life insurance (lump sum cover, family protection or accidental death only policies), total permanent disablement (lump sum pay-outs if you are permanently incapacitated), income protection (disability income protection, mortgage and income protection or essential disability income protection), specialist and diagnostic testing as additions to existing plans, and critical illness plans.

Health insurance plans offered include private health cover which covers hospitalisation and surgery, private health plus which also includes specialist visits, and absolute health and major care plans.

For businesses Sovereign offer business life cover, business continuity and rural continuity plans.

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How are they rated?

The financial strength rating of Sovereign is A+ meaning their claims history is considered to be of a superior standard and they are one of New Zealand's leading financial service providers.

Reviews of Sovereign report it to also be one of the best health insurers in New Zealand in terms of providing the most comprehensive cover at the lowest prices.

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