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Who are they?

The Southern Cross Group was established in 1961 and its primary interest is in the health sector. The group operates a network of private hospitals throughout New Zealand as well as providing a range of insurances. Their insurance services:

   • Southern Cross Health Society a health insurance,

   • Southern Cross Pet Insurance a pet insurance,

   • Southern Cross Travel Insurance a travel insurance.

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What do they offer?

The brands owned by Southern Cross offer specific insurance as follows:

The Southern Cross Health Society offers a range of health insurance plans depending on the individual's needs.

These include lump sum critical illness plans, major expense only plans or extensive cover for all day to day healthcare costs.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance provides insurance cover for dogs and cats.

If your pets are sick or injured, Southern Cross's policies will cover the costs of care and treatment at the vets depending on the age and type of pet owned.

Cover includes accidental injuries, illness and inherited conditions as well as some cover for vaccinations.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance offers cover for unexpected events whilst you are on holiday including 24 hour worldwide emergency assistance, overseas hospital expenses, medical transport to New Zealand, travel cancellations and interruptions, lost, stolen or damaged personal items, passports and travel documents, personal liability, and rental car excess.

How are they rated?

Southern Cross is New Zealand's leading not-for-profit insurer.

Its health insurance has been reviewed as positive in terms of its extensive cover and processing of claims and has a financial rating of A+, whilst it has received negative reviews on the cost of its policy premiums.

Similar reviews apply to its travel insurance policies with highlights being noted as online discounts, 24-hour emergency assistance, flexibility in cancellations, and multi policy discounts whereas relatively higher premiums have been reported as negatives.

Reviews of Southern Cross Pet insurance are generally positive however it has limited competition for comparison.

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